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June 2009

News about Obamas continuting use of mercenaries

May 2009

Obama gave a "poetic" praise to the rule of law, and at the same time proposed indefinite premptive detention.

Who said "They campaign in poetry but govern in prose" ?

Nuance or "Flip-Flop"?

May 2009

President Obama Reverses Course On Releasing More Detainee Abuse Photographs

ABC News

May 2009

From an editorial at AntiWar.com:

Barack Obama came into office promising change, especially in foreign policy, and Americans cheered.

Today, they have every reason to be disappointed.

Our troops are still stuck in Iraq, and there is widespread talk among administration officials that the slow-motion withdrawal we were promised is grinding to a complete halt.

Worse, President Obama has announced an Afghan surge, sending tens of thousands more U.S. troops to a nation that has been wracked with war for centuries, on the thin pretext that America is somehow endangered by Pashtun tribesmen on the edge of the world.

We face another 10 years of "pacifying" Afghanistan and risk getting sucked into the same hopeless situation in Pakistan

Feb 2009

Victims of Bush era rendition are suing Jepperson DataPlan a subsidiary of Boing for contributing the logistical support (airplanes) that whisked at least one of the plaintifs from Sweden to Egypt.

The Bush administration invoked "state secrets" to keep the courts from ruling on this and all other such cases. The current administration seems to be doing likewise.

Salon Article